I help individuals, solopreneurs and small entreprises improve their online presence.

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Let's get Acquainted

I am a freelancer who loves to create and develop with people new avenues for them to express what they do.

I work with local individuals and small and medium entreprises (SME) in Ireland to create and promote their digital presence.

As this is my hobby, i take great passion and care in creating and presenting well thought out work, that has involved the process of researching, discussing and finding the best options for each client.

Each project is different and requires different tools and skills that i go through with each and everyone to deliver unique and personal projects that everyone is satisfied with.

It is only through the process of discovery that we can ascertain suitability and ultimately a result that will be satisfying for everyone, so feel free to send me an email or through the contact form to pursue your wish to improve your online identity.

What I can Help with

I Design websites that have great User Experience (UX). This happens after initial exploration together and looking at your needs. This might involve discussion around branding and future planning.

I use Wordpress and appropriate technologies and tools to create a site that showcases your brand, attracts your audience and is responsive on any device.
I use Wordpress as it also offers you the ability to control and update your content as you require. This allows you, the owner, to update your content faster and therefore spend more time on showcasing yourself, your business or your products.

The websites designed adhere to the latest SEO guidelines and will be sure to attract more visitors with analytics available for you to manage and grow yourself.
I focus on the technical aspects of your website and updating or correcting issues, this allows you to focus on your content solely.

By frequently updating, upgrading, improving design or adding functionality, this assures your site remains current and updated as we move along in this technological era made necessary by the world situation.

This also removes anxiety that can set in with how to manage your own website as guidance and education also form part of maintaining a website.
I currently use Woocommerce (with newer shopping platforms coming soon - in mid to late 2022) to help you serve your customers 24/7 and provide them with a pleasing, interactive and fast experience every time, resulting in frequent returns.

By researching your products, type of shop, your commerce can become a high converting sales platform for your products, whenever and wherever.

What Others have Said

  • I highly recommend Naazim from . He created my new website and e-commerce platform . I am really impressed with the result .

    Naazim always has excellent advices and made the website really easy to use on my side .

    Violine Deane

  • Naazim (Spipdesigns) designed and built my website. I was very happy with the visual results and the content structure and layout.

    I think it's important these days for websites both to look great and inviting and be clearly presented and easy to navigate, and that's the result I got.

    The website is also fast and responsive and load speeds are impressive, which I think is very important these days where attention is a precious resource.

    People don't want to spend time waiting on content to load.

    Simon Deane

  • Naazim is a very competent website developer. He was efficient and built my website in a professional way.

    He was very attentive to what I was looking for and receptive to what would work well for my area of work.

    He was effective at reading between the lines to get my thoughts into how the website should be.  He is also very quick and responsive when things need to be updated on the website.

    Everything I need is done for the website in the day and he always says yes to sometimes ‘challenging’ requests.

    Farzana Maudarbaccus


Say Hello

I am available for discussion around possible projects. If you are looking for more information or just want to say hi, send me an email and i will reply as fast as I can.

If contact forms aren't your cup of tea, send me an email at [email protected]
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